Saturday, July 11, 2009

chuffed !!!!!!!!!

day of rest in words

its amazing how happy the simple things in life can bring for my husband and me. we are always so happy when we are near the ocean.
he lets me shoot a million pix and doesnt mind when i go off on long walks to get good shots.
im happiest with my camera in hand and on a search for images that fit into my projects.

last but not least, my work is going beyond the technical and moving into more creative.
after saying this, i still want to learn my way around a small studio lighting setup.

i love these color images ive been working on. after all i am a chaser of the light and an observer of the dark.

day of rest 2

day of rest

Friday, July 10, 2009

i was in the zone of the self

i head a poet say tonight, after someone told him that his most powerful work had been written recently. he replied " i owe it to cooking life down, its like making a flavorful sauce, it needs to cook down reduce to be the richest deepest and complex."

ding ding ding .... i totally got that, it gave me hope and inspiration.

shadow ghosts series