Thursday, April 9, 2009

i hate flickr !

“ actually flickr sux, i wish i didn’t renew my membership. its all about the “comment whoring and jealousy. yuk !”

i made all my thousands of images only visible to me.
its just a load of crap.

lots of mediocre work.
i always live by the rule of " surround yourself with greatness and you will be great as well.
i do not want to be held back. i can do a great job of that myself.


a bit suburban i understand but i find beauty in such banality
i give you ... home

looking for a mentor

its exciting to think i could find a seasoned photog to mentor me even at my age.
i think i'm beginning to threaten ppl with my work, its lonely. One person said " my progress is annoying"
i say to all the haters ... pfft aint nothin but a g thang.

5D markII

after shooting with it for about 3 weeks now , i am finally getting used to it.

loving the detail, low light potential and color it produces and its awesome to shoot with a clean sensor !
the old 5D always had a dusty sensor no matter how much i carefully cleaned it

( copperhill method ).

it also seems that the flash gives a better result with this camera. i am thrilled with it so far.
and no grip errors ( knock wood )

Kyoko San