Monday, February 23, 2009

celeb shots

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Kanye West, Aubrey O'Day

found my niche

my day job is suffering because of this economic crisis. i'm trying to stay positive. so i decided to go up to the "tents" in NYC to shoot some Fashion Week stuff.
it was very interesting to see the dynamics of the "other" photographers, star gawkers, models, fashionistas, and celebs. there were plenty of self important stompers : )
i decided to keep my focus, and not shoot "fashion" shots and to keep it personal.
what emerged were portraits , i got people to connect to me. it was great practice. and of course the benefit was that i had beautiful people to photograph ... and once again found my niche, portraiture.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ups and downs

sometimes i chug along within my work thinking i am making good progress. really liking what i am producing. things happen i get some recognition, small jobs, it seems like progress .... mmmm not so much.
today i step back. i have questions. i can not let outside opinions influence my confidence. i don't want to give up. i fear the rejects. but also welcome it. i think people underestimate me, always have. this time I will not underestimate myself.
my eyes are wide open to the wrong paths.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Re Think

I wrote earlier how i felt about recent lack of comments or comments that have nothing to do with the subject at hand yet more about the commenter.
Dont misunderstand i never let this effect my work as a matter of fact it fuels the engine ! So i guess thanks for the selfishness !!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

it was about line and light

Posting - thought

so many thoughts in my head tonight.
the first thing i want to say is ... or maybe ask..... is it all that beneficial to post my images to flickr and other sites of the like ?
the main reason i did it in the beginning was to get my stuff out there, and to get comments from my peers-fellow shooters and other interested viewers. but after doing so for a few years now i realize, yes i see my progress, yes its been helpful. but now i think its working to distract me. some jealousies appear from people or maybe its competition cloaked in insecurity, its hurtful to me and my work.
for now i am backing off and concentrating on more focused collaborations.

i went out saturday for a few hours to shoot street alone, these images are for the most part devoid of emotion sort of standoffish.... exactly the way i was feeling in the moment.