Sunday, May 18, 2008

i went to the New York Photo Festival yesterday in Dumbo Brooklyn, all in all it was interesting untill i went to a lecture by Penelope Umbrico and Joachim Schmid, both these " photographers " use images from flicker for installations.

Penelope took the sun part of sunset images from thousands of images to create this installation , she claims and i quote .....

"This is a project I started when I found 2,303,087 pictures of sunsets searching the word “sunset on the Flickr site. I took just the suns from these pictures and made snapshot prints of them. "

she also claims the images she took were of the sun and could not be owned, i say then she dosen't own that installation ! is she sharing the commission ?

it was pure bullshit.

but so are a lot of things, for instance on the subject of posting on the internet ... when i view someone's photostream and i see something i like i comment , especially if i know them on a personal basis. if i don't like something or have nothing good to say i usually say nothing and make no comment .
but i upload several images to several groups some of which i actually get together with for outings, only to get minimal comments to none.
now i know my images are good or i would not post them !
wtf is up with that ?

i decided not to upload many images anymore and concentrate on MY work ..

save the best images for my website and printing.

d kelly out.

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