Monday, February 23, 2009

found my niche

my day job is suffering because of this economic crisis. i'm trying to stay positive. so i decided to go up to the "tents" in NYC to shoot some Fashion Week stuff.
it was very interesting to see the dynamics of the "other" photographers, star gawkers, models, fashionistas, and celebs. there were plenty of self important stompers : )
i decided to keep my focus, and not shoot "fashion" shots and to keep it personal.
what emerged were portraits , i got people to connect to me. it was great practice. and of course the benefit was that i had beautiful people to photograph ... and once again found my niche, portraiture.


Jamila said...

I think these shots are so fabulous. If I had such a portrait of myself, I'd blow it up poster-sized and put it on the mantel. (if I had a mantel)

Michael Van der Tol said...

Danielle, you are definitely in the zone with the new work.

dkelly said...

thanks michael, i really felt it. i think i connect when i'm shooting people.

dkelly said...

Jamila, we could do a shot like this for you if you want.... there are many possibilities ! you are in brooklyn, close to me. thanks for the props !

Jamila said...

Thanks for the offer, I'm much obliged :)