Sunday, February 1, 2009

Posting - thought

so many thoughts in my head tonight.
the first thing i want to say is ... or maybe ask..... is it all that beneficial to post my images to flickr and other sites of the like ?
the main reason i did it in the beginning was to get my stuff out there, and to get comments from my peers-fellow shooters and other interested viewers. but after doing so for a few years now i realize, yes i see my progress, yes its been helpful. but now i think its working to distract me. some jealousies appear from people or maybe its competition cloaked in insecurity, its hurtful to me and my work.
for now i am backing off and concentrating on more focused collaborations.

i went out saturday for a few hours to shoot street alone, these images are for the most part devoid of emotion sort of standoffish.... exactly the way i was feeling in the moment.

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Michael Van der Tol said...

I'm sending you an e-mail with my thoughts on this post :-)