Thursday, April 9, 2009

looking for a mentor

its exciting to think i could find a seasoned photog to mentor me even at my age.
i think i'm beginning to threaten ppl with my work, its lonely. One person said " my progress is annoying"
i say to all the haters ... pfft aint nothin but a g thang.


Michael Van der Tol said...

If I lived in NYC I'd hang with you - we could learn from each other...but I don't. When I interviewed Wayne Eastep he told me how he pulled off getting mentored by Burt Glinn (former President of Magnum). Wayne made a list of all the photographers he would love to work with. Whittled down the list and began knocking on doors. Presto - Burt said yes.

So pick somebody - why don't you ask Steve Simon, tell him a Canadian friend of yours recommended him. Steve lives in NYC (but from Canada)(

Start stalking him :-)

He's a regular on the "This Week in Photography" Podcast.

I think he's brilliant.

Ask him for strategies on finding a mentor - what's the worst thing that can happen.

Andrea Strachan said...

Your progress is "annoying" because it threatens those who don't have the natural ability, determination or guts to keep moving forward.
Me? I sit here in awe of your constant growth. I admire the way you stand strong against people that want to bring you down. It can't be easy and Im sure it makes you doubt yourself at times. But I know your going place and Im excited to watch your journey unravel :)