Thursday, April 9, 2009

i hate flickr !

“ actually flickr sux, i wish i didn’t renew my membership. its all about the “comment whoring and jealousy. yuk !”

i made all my thousands of images only visible to me.
its just a load of crap.

lots of mediocre work.
i always live by the rule of " surround yourself with greatness and you will be great as well.
i do not want to be held back. i can do a great job of that myself.


Michael Van der Tol said...

I love this post!!!! So true!

Andrea Strachan said...
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Liss said...

I have to agree with this comment. Even though I have a flickr account I do not hang out there much. I don’t find comments like “great shot” or beautiful beneficial, these are things any one can say and probably often do just to get traffic back to their own sites. I also often wonder about some of the stuff that makes explore and wonder what a photography judge would think of the many photos that have no defined subject. I am only an armature photographer and this erks me!